Single Phase H-bridge Inverter

One solution for Electrical vehicle (EV) charging is by wireless power transfer (WPT). The most promising solution of WPT is by resonant inductive power transfer (IPT).

IPT is safe due to that there is no galvanic contact between the charger and vehicle, and no human interaction is needed. This also reduces the need for maintenance since no mechanical wear out is taking place. This makes this solution very convenient, both for the user and the owner of the charger.

Another aspect is the integration of chargers in urban areas. With higher and higher percentage of people lives in cities, it is important to integrate charging stations in public places in a non-obstructing way.

Compared with traditional conductive power transfer, the WPT system can realize a fully automated charging process and natural electrical and mechanical isolation, which can minimize the use of cables and sockets to ensure safe operation in humid, dusty, or flammable and explosive environments.

To harness the full benefits of wireless power transfer, it is important to develop an efficient and robust scheme that is capable of power delivery to a moving device. This is where Etrixa can provide you a robust, efficient and customized wireless power transfer solution.

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